Commercial Mosquito Control with Dragonfly Mosquito Misting

Outdoor dining areas, tennis courts, public pools, driving ranges, warehouses and even odor control applications........

Our Dragonfly systems are highly adaptable. Programmable timers offer the flexibility of insecticide treatment.  Application settings can easily be scheduled after business hours and during the hours of non- operation.

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new large area sprayer for golf courses ball fields , parks, campgrounds.

Tennis Courts

tennis court
Installing a Dragonfly misting system at public and private tennis courts can make all the difference in player comfort .

We place nozzles around the perimeter fence where the spray targets nearby turf, shrubs, trees and other foliage. We place the heads every 12-20 fee to gain complete coverage against mosquitos.

Golf Driving Ranges

driving range

Because of the extensive watering found on golf courses, they are a perfect breeding grounds for pesky mosquitos.

Our spray nozzles are concealed into landscaping, scrubs or similar structures to maintain the commercial property's integrity, yet maintain their functionality.

Trash/Garbage Receptacle Areas

gRBge dumpster

Grocery stores

Garbage areas at parks or similar properties can be a trouble spot for fly and mosquito populations. Our Dragonfly misting system works perfectly for these environments.

With just a few spray cycles per day, scheduled during off peak hours, our mosquito misting systems can eliminate fly, insect and mosquito infestations in these areas.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Mosquito Free Dining Area
Why not protect your customers from unwanted guests? Our Dragonfly misting system is perfect for outdoor dining areas.

We will place our misting heads in inconspicuous areas and time them to spray at off peak hours to ensure that your property is mosquito free.